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Welcome Visitors, 

As the founder and Executive Director of the Wisdom Shapes Minds Community Development a NJ Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation (WSMCDC), I am delighted that you have decided to venture to our site and learn more about what the Wisdom Shapes Minds Community Development Corporation has to offer the Community of Essex County and the surrounding areas. WSMCDC was established to promote the vision of making a true difference in Newark and the surrounding metropolitan areas, through the implementation of mentoring and outreach programs that are beneficial to the community and promote a sense of togetherness and empowerment. 

In order to realize the founding vision, "With a Strong Foundation, Vision and a Plan, Dreams Can Become Reality," WSMCDC encourages people to gather in a caring and inclusive learning environment that will promote best efforts practices and reinforce personal respect and growth. The primary goal of WSMCDC is to help heal the mind, body, and souls of inner-city residents by bringing groups of business professionals, educators and community advocates together, in direct response, to the deterioration of urban communities and the economic distress perpetuated by repeated disappointments and lost faith within them. With unceasing and focused goals, WSMCDC embodies the strength, power of community and self-determination to encourage future generations to begin at an early age, to make a difference. 

Through its extensive elective program offerings, WSMCDC will provide the residents in the County of Essex with the opportunities to enhance every aspect of their daily lives. With the mantra, "We Build communities, one brick and one person at a time," WSMCDC will encourage pro-social relationships with Essex County community members, reinforcing its dedication to developing a greater Essex County. It is through these personal and professional relationships that a sense of individual responsibility can be re-established, garnering a commitment with humility and accomplishment.

I encourage you to continue to peruse through our site and learn more about ways you can become involved as a mentor, facilitator, volunteer, sponsor, investor or as a donor. It is an honor to have the opportunity to Lead such a remarkable organization and be able to give back to my community, while creating real change in the hearts and minds of Essex County residents. Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have pertaining to our programming initiatives, donor information, and volunteer opportunities.


C. Christopher Sanders

Founder, CEO & Executive Director

Greetings from the Director

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