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WSM Community Development a Non-profit Corporation also known as, Wisdom Shapes Minds Community Development Corporation (WSMCDC) is a NJ non-profit 501(c)3 corporation located in Newark, NJ. Founded to help build stronger communities, by creating educational enrichment programs and providing exposure to new leadership building activities, as well as, mentorship opportunities for youth and adults, through our vast network of vetted educators, business professionals and college students.

WSMCDC was initially created to fill the void of elective programs eliminated from many schools because of economic cut backs. Chris Sanders, founder and Executive Director, whose educational background is in architecture, could not stand by and let children be educated without elective programs; programs that are essential in nourishing and enriching the expressive, creative mind of youth and adults. WSMCDC accepted the challenge of replacing old electives with new ones that will fundamentally aim to develop participants' life skills by providing pivotal life lessons and wellness training within each elective.  In short WSMCDC has collected specific programs and mentors, that are in line with basic Architectural Principles used to build a structure, such as building a strong foundation, creating a vision
, research & planning and reward those that complete the elective, the honorable distinction "Visionary with an Architect's Mind".

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