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​We believe that the youth, adults and families must be submerged in a unified communal environment, where there is access to a network of schools, colleges, churches, non-profits, and businesses.  We believe that working together to build a culture for learning, where setting goals, and economic growth can take place, is essential to building a healthier community.

It is with this ideology that we have developed our Mission Statement:
Wisdom Shapes Minds Community Development a NJ Nonprofit Corporation’s (WSMCDC) mission is to teach the youth of Essex & Union County and the surrounding areas, architectural principles that empower them to become proactive problem solvers and critical thinkers. Youth will create blueprints for their lives that will map pathways toward higher education, financial responsibility, personal health and well being for themselves, their families; community and country.  To recognize individual program graduates and award them with the honorable distinction “Visionary with an Architect's Mind.”

At WSMCDC, we have a set of core values that serve as the framework for all of our elective programming. These core values emphasize our mission and aid in our goal to enrich the Community of Essex & Union and unite its citizens. They are:

  • Exposure
  • Foundation
  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Implementation
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