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WSMCDC has designed programs to improve the community that will focus on forming alliances with other non-profit organizations, faith based institutions, schools, colleges and businesses in urban areas, in order to help promote and re-assert the sense of community within and around our neighborhoods. The hope of these alliances are to begin to share resources not only to house these activities but also to expand the volunteer participation, by providing educational, wellness, life skills workshops and mentorship programs.

WSMCDC believes that by providing a network of caring professionals, educators, spiritual leaders, community advocates and students outside of the home, we are not only strengthening individuals as a whole, but we are providing a safety net of mentors to aid in the growth and expansion of communal development.  In turn, this helps reunite and reinforce the familial component of society.  WSMCDC provides professional facilitators to facilitate an 8-week workshop at a WSMCDC-partnered site location. During that time, the youth will participate in weekly planned activities to strengthen and re-discover the mind, body, and soul, in order to improve self-confidence and optimism.  

Some of the workshop topics' include finding and building a relationship with a mentor, architectural life skills, visual and performing arts, writing, financial literacy, computer literacy, yoga, martial arts, health & fitness and entrepreneurial leadership. WSMCDC will also offer weekend boot camp style workshops, where multiple facilitators will teach several workshops centered on the arts, wellness, mentorship and life skills at an aggressive pace.



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